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Phyllis Stephens

Phyllis Stephens

Phyllis Stephens was born in Georgia and graduated from Boston University. She is a respected quilt-maker who uses her art both as a reflection of who she is, and an expression of our rich cultural heritage. Although she considers the source of her talent to be god-given, her ability to connect with her audience derives from her uncanny ability to select the right colors and fabrics and breathe life into each one of her creations.

She utilizes fabrics and textiles from across the globe as well as America. "When I think of the quintessential fabrics and textiles of the world, I look primarily to Africa for her abundant diversity", she says, “fabrics made from indigenous materials that are spun, woven and dyed by hand produce a wealth of creative expression. The character of the fabrics I select possess spirit, personality and passion.”

Her tapestries and story quilts have been shown in galleries throughout the United States and are widely collected.

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Phyllis' Gallery

Weapon of Mass Solution by Phyllis Stephens
Description of Phyllis' Artwork
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Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
Weapon of Mass Solution by Phyllis Stephens "Weapon of Mass Solution" Phyllis Stephens This exquisite Fine Art Giclée was co-published by Hearne Fine Art and Golden Galleries 12" x 42" $685.00 Giclée
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