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Larry "Poncho" Brown

Larry "Poncho" Brown

Larry "Poncho" Brown, is a native of Baltimore, MD. He started his first business at the age of 17 as a sign writer and he has been a full time artist ever since. Poncho received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. His art, both fine and commercial, has been published nationally in Upscale, Ebony, Ebony Man, Essence, and Jet magazines. In February '99 his art was featured in the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History Textile Series No. 2 book entitled "Wrapped In Pride". His popular works have been prominently featured on several TV shows and movies including "Soulfood", "The Wire", "A Different World", "In The House" and "Avalon". His work adorns the walls of the likes of Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Anita Baker, Susan Taylor, Ed Gordon and Bernard Bronner just to name a few.

Detailed descriptions of Artwork are located below the photo gallery

Larry's Gallery

  • Black Is Black Larry "Poncho" Brown
  • Diversities Larry "Poncho" Brown
  • Divine Spirit by Larry "Poncho" Brown
  • The Vive Larry "Poncho" Brown

Description of Larry's Artwork
Ordering Information
Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
Black Is Black by Larry "Poncho" Brown "Black Is Black (male)" Larry "Poncho" Brown Open-Edition
28" x 22" $35.00 Decorative Art
Diversities by Larry "Poncho" Brown "Diversities" Larry "Poncho" Brown Open-Edition
20" x 21" $35.00 Decorative Art
Divine Spirit by Larry "Poncho" Brown "Divine Spirit" Larry "Poncho" Brown Limited-Edition
27" x 27" $150.00 Decorative Art
The Vibe by Larry "Poncho" Brown "The Vibe" Larry "Poncho" Brown Open-Edition
22" x 28" $35.00 Decorative Art
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