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Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole

Since 1992, Kevin Cole's work has evolved from the use of the necktie as an icon, motif, and symbol of power. He has emphasized the relationship between color and music, particularly jazz, blues, rap, and gospel music because of its strong presence in the African-American community. The works incorporate patterns and textures from traditional African cloths such as the Kente and Adinkra cloths, cloths that speak to human conditions and behaviors.

Throughout all of his work, he continues to investigate the existence of polyrhythmic space and overlapping planes, the raw emotional power of color and texture. In these recent works he has included scarf shapes that represent the struggles of women.


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Kevin's Gallery

Carrying The Wings of Faith' I by Kevin Cole

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alt="Carrying The Wings of Faith' I by Kevin Cole" "Carrying The Wings of Faith, I" Kevin Cole Mixed Media in Shadow Box   Call for pricing Original
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