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Kevin A. Williams (WAK)

Kevin A. Williams (WAK)

Kevin A. Williams is an artist on a mission, but his is no solo trip: He wants to take you on the journey, too. His destination is a place where more African-Americans will appreciate, own and even create fine art that honors their rich heritage and hope filled destiny. So far, tens of thousands of people have willingly followed Williams to that vista – including talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, and late actor/comedian Bernie Mac. From celebrity homes to small businesses, corporate offices and women’s spas, Williams’ original and lithograph artwork hangs from coast to coast.




Detailed descriptions of Artwork are located below the photo gallery

Kevin's Gallery

  • Reign Supreme by by Kevin A. Williams
  • The Right by Kevin A. Williams
  • Reign Supreme by by Kevin A. Williams
  • The Right by Kevin A. Williams

Description of Kevin's Artwork
Ordering Information
Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
Reign Supreme by artist Kevin Williams "Reign Supreme" Kevin A Williams (WAK) Limited-Edition: 1300
Offset Lithograph

A/P: 130

R/M: 13
24"x 32"



Decorative Art
The Right by artist Kevin Williams "The Right" - The Right" depicts a black man attempting to vote despite various attempts to stop him. He IS NOT angry. He IS NOT fearful. He IS determined. HE WILL NOT BE STOPPED. Much blood was shed to give us "THE RIGHT" ~~ lest we forget! Kevin A Williams (WAK) Edition Size: 44 sign and numbered Hand Embellished Giclée Prints on Canvas 20" x 38" $1,500.00 Giclée
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