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Welcome to Golden Galleries Online where we continue our commitment to providing high quality service to our discerning fine art clients! Whether you are an art admirer or aficionado our knowledgeable, dependable staff is prepared to assist with your decision to secure one of your most prized possessions. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction!

When you patronize Golden Galleries you are making an investment in the legacy of African American art. Educating kids and adults about careers in the field of art, building emerging artists and providing a platform for artists to develop and monetize their craft are essential to keeping this art form woven into fabric of American history.

Thank you for your support! Enjoy our collection of fine art on the web! If you see anything that peaks your pallet, please contact us. Follow us on Facebook . When we are exhibiting in your area come out to see and let’s get together!

Peace and blessings!

Keith A. Golden, JD
CEO Art by Golden/Golden Galleries, LLC

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Fine Art Fair on the Square: Ametria Stamps is the Featured Artist
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Ametria Stamps
By Ametria Stamps
Acrylic on Canvas
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Featured Artist
Ametria Stamps

Photo of Ametria Stamps

Ametria Stamps was born in Memphis, TN and spent her formative years being exposed to the rich artistic culture of various artists and musicians in the South. As a child, Ametria began to explore her artistic side as a way to express herself. Just like her personality, Ametria’s paintings are filled with beautiful colors that flow like rivers.

Collectors from around the nation have classified her as a part of the color field school of abstractionists such as Sam Gilliam and Jackson Polluck. When asked about her style, Ametria says she paints what she feels at a given time, hence the varied aesthetics of her work. If she had to be labeled or put into a certain group of artists, she would best be classified as an abstract expressionist. Currently, Ametria’s works of art are in collections around the nation, private, corporate, and public. 

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