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Deborah Shedrick

Deborah Shedrick

Deborah Shedrick lives and loves art. What began as painting lessons in 1986, honing her artistic skills through workshops with other prominent artist, has developed into a career of her artwork being used nation wide in hotels, on book covers, television shows, and fundraisers. Articles have been written about her work in several newspapers and magazines.

She fascinates her audience with a style that is uniquely her own. Expressing herself through acrylic, pastel, clay, mixed media and printmaking, her work is improvisational and innovative. Her passion for art shines through her work. A combination of realism and abstraction, she captures the nuance of a moment, celebrating color and energy. Her artwork strikes a harmonious cord from a universal perspective and she is part of collections throughout the United States and abroad.


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Deborah's Gallery

Ascending Young Sisters

Description of Deborah's Artwork
Ordering Information
Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
AscendingYoungSisters by Deborah Shedrick "Ascending Young Sisters" Deborah Shedrick Limited-Edition: 850
17.5" x 35" $150.00 Decorative Art
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