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Anthony Armstrong

Anthony Armstrong

Whether out of an act of defiance or an act of nature, or perhaps both, Anthony Armstrong has tried to establish himself as one of the foremost contemporary abstract painters on the art scene. As a child I, was encouraged to "make pictures" by my Mother. Growing up in the Segregated South, in DeLand Florida, the son of a migrant worker and a "Days work maid, the prospect of using my God given talents in a professional Artistic capacity seemed bleak. It has always been my desire to share those talents with others. Through hard work, academic training and painterly ambition, I have been blessed to achieve my lifes dream. I strive daily to continue my lifes work and dedicate myself to conveying the concerns, sentiments and beauty of African Americans. In the tradition of artist such as Aaron Douglas, Romare Bearden, and Pablo Picasso, I continue to interpret Realism, Cubism and Afrocentric Iconography. With the use of geometric formulas, harmonious color compositions and design motifs Anthony Armstrong endeavors to fulfill principles of meaningful spatial relationships. It is my hope to create a painting style unlike any other. I continue to be inspired by stories from the bible, recent African American History, and my spiritual awareness.


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Obama: Change

Description of Anthony's Artwork
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Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
Obama: Change by Anthony Armstrong "Obama: Change" Anthony Armstrong Open-Edition
18" x 24" $30.00 Decorative Art
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