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Albert Fennell

Albert Fennell

Albert Fennell art work can be can be summed up in one word: Diversity. Albert is as proficient in oil as he is in pastel or ink. Fennell uses his unique ability to create depth, dimension and illusions of exemplary quality. Albert Fennell was born in San Diego, California, and his talent was evident at the early age of five when he started drawing in-depth pictures of cartoon characters.

As a young man in the 6th grade at Ocean View Elementary School, Albert's landscape done in tempera paint was selected in a district-wide competition and was exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Art. Fennell studied fine arts at San Diego Mesa College, commercial drawing at San Diego City College, and refined his skills at Alexander's School of Drawing, Printing, and Design.


Detailed descriptions of Artwork are located below the photo gallery

Albert's Gallery

  • Autumn Magic by Albert Fennell
  • Delta Diva by Albert Fennell
  • Sweet Nothings II by Albert Fennell

Description of Albert's Artwork
Ordering Information
Image Title Artist Medium Size Price Art Type
Autumn Magic by Albert Fennell "Autumn Magic" Albert Fennell Open-Edition
26" x 36" $45.00 Decorative Art
Delta Diva by Albert Fennell "Delta Diva" Albert Fennell Limited-Edition
20" x 30" $150.00 Decorative Art
Sweet Nothings by Albert Fennel "Sweet Nothings II" Albert Fennell Limited-Edition
29" x 22" $300.00 Decorative Art
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